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Trip To Sweden



Almgrens Sidenväveri Museum

Knut August Almgren established this momentous weaving factory in 1883 after posing as a Frenchman so as to learn, and steal, the cautiously guarded craft.) Now a gorgeous working museum, you can observe the weavers work the novel Jacquard looms between 10:00 and 15:00 Mon to Thu, find out about Sweden’s silk weaving past and swoon over sparkling fabrics. The museum shop is Stockholm’s most excellent bet for hand-woven products.



Attached to the Moderna Museet and facilitated in an ex-military tool hall, the Museum of Architecture’s lasting exhibition wraps 1000 years of Swedish structural design (from cabins to the r) and acclaims an archive of 2.5 million documents, snapshots, plans, drawings and models. There’s a recurring program of impermanent displays, touristic places ,the most famous tourist attractions and the museum hosts sporadic seminars on the whole thing from urban setting up to upcoming design.


Folkens Museum Etnografiska

Nearby the Tekniska Museet, the National Museum of Ethnography focuses on non-European customs. Highly innovative provisional shows (ranging from Amazon photography to the gruesome etchings of Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada) balance permanent set highlights like Mali crocodile masks, Mongolian shrine tents and a Japanese teahouse. Trip to An in-house eating place serves up Afro-Asian dishes, soft mango lassis and home-produced chai.



Trip To Sweden
Trip To Sweden


Gustaf Vasa Kyrkan

This virtuous boaster flaunts a white Italian neo-baroque external and 60m-high cupola ornamented with vague New Testament frescoes by Vicke Andrén. Opened in 1906, its star magnetism is Burchardt Precht’s 18th-century marble altarpiece, measured Sweden’s biggest baroque statuette. The sinister columbarium tomb (32 49 20) has seats for approximately 35,000 burial urns; go in from the Västmannagatan side of the church.


Historiska Museet

From Iron Age ice-skates to Renaissance triptychs, Sweden’s major historical compilation spans virtually 14,000 years of Swedish past and culture. The acknowledged highlight is the cavernous Gold Room, a dark chamber shiny with Viking bling and exceptional historical jewels. It takes in a 5th-century gold collar with 458 engraved figures weighing 823g. To employ the museum’s fantastic free digital audio guides, convey some ID.


Judiska Museet

Growing Swedish history beyond Vasa and Vikings, this genuine little museum discovers Swedish Jewry since 1774. Nifty pullout show cabinets swathe everything from the Holocaust and Raoul Wallenberg (a Swedish Oscar Schindler of sorts) to Torah silverware, ceremonial Passover objects, wince-inducing circumcision knives, and a 7-branched candleholder plundered from Jerusalem by the Romans in AD 70. The momentary exhibitions are frequently dazzling.


Kungliga Myntkabinettet

Anything but a boring accountant’s fantasy, the wonderful Royal Coin Cabinet shines with a inestimable set of world-turning currency, counting Viking silver, the planet’s oldest coin (created in Greece in BC 625), in addition to its heaviest (a copper plate weighing 19.7kg). The shows are inventive, the kids’ playroom is amusing and the kitsch compilation of piggybanks is worth the trip unaided.


Moderna Museet

Moderna Museet revolves the big 5-0 in 2008 and museum director Lars Nittve is hitting up the loot to rejoice. Inspect new stuff like photographer Tova Mozard’s David Lynch-esque photography, in addition to 20th-century classics resembling the buxom outdoor sculptures by Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle.


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