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Mekiyis Wedding service or Melis Wedding ceremony , kept on Mar, is actually a purgation wedding service kept in pleasing Nyepi day time , Caka new season where a lengthy procession of Hindu disciples hauling temple effigies along with other sacred icons, head to beaches or springs where the filtration rituals are kept.


Tawur Agung Kesanga is held in Mar which is a Excellent Sacrificial Ceremony to encouraged Nyepi Working day, Caka New Calendar year, the day after. The marriage ceremony is centered at every cross-road starting from village places, cities, approximately the provincial scope.

The routine is accompanied by a parade “Ogoh-Ogoh” (monster fake) representing satanic mood and torches around the neighborhoods and communities with regards to excise them away from man colonies.


Tumpek Uduh or Tumpek Pengatag day”, whenever a true blessing wedding ceremony is locked in June for all those gardening farming for a good harvest.


Kuningan Holiday break seen as being the final day time of Galungan celebration in July , believed since the climbing day in the ancestors’ sacred spirits to paradise.


Perang Jempana (overcome of temple’s effigies)”, it is located in July when a couple of folks hauling temple’s effigies fight the other person, by forcing and advocating concerning show that the wedding service is well accomplished at Pura Panti, Banjar Timbash, Pakse Bali community, Klungkung regency.


Indonesian Traveling
Indonesian Traveling



Nyepi (Silence Working day) Saka New Calendar year 1929 located in March, this is basically the day time of complete silence and stillness for Hindu Balinese- no fires are lit up, no activity is completed, no visiting anywhere, with no amusement held it’s a day for fasting, relaxation and personal-introspection.


Tumpek Wayang or Tumpek Renggit Day” is undoubtedly an even held in Mar, when a good thing marriage ceremony occurs for shadow puppets , magical abilities and correct performing.


Saraswati Working day Located in Apr, this can be a devotion to Shanghyang Aji Saraswati, the goddess of all understanding and knowledge.


Tumpek Landep Working day located in Apr, this day is committed to “Shanghyang Pasupati” wherein a good thing wedding ceremony is organised for heirlooms, weapons and all tools and implements made from aluminum.


Saraswati Holiday”, on July when the sacred decrees of the veda are thought to have descended in the world. A true blessing marriage ceremony is presented for the sacred literature.


Tumpek Kandang day in July as soon as the cattle and livestock farms are fortunate for efficiency and progress


Pagerwesi holiday  in July The phrase literally indicates “Iron fencing” whenever people pray for the strong mental capability to “Shanghyang Pramesti Professional”, the Lord in the Universe.

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