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Health Test Requirements For Traveling To Canada

Health Test Requirements For Traveling To Canada

Health Test Requirements For Traveling To Canada

Travel is the transportation of individuals between different, often far away, geographical areas. It may be one way, such as across the street, or round trip, such as a cruise. Most travel is done by automobile, bike, foot, car, train, plane, shuttle bus or other mode, with or without personal luggage, and is either one way or circular trip.


When traveling by automobile, known as commutation, usually only two people are traveling and therefore only two questions are required: Where you live and where you work. In some ways this test is similar to the IQ test, in that if the answer is incorrect the person has to get tested again. The result of this test is usually known exposure to various conditions over a fourteen day period, which can include both visual and auditory elements.

In testing requirements for United States travelers the testers are asked to use a flashlight in a dark room for thirty minutes. Then they are exposed to a variety of sounds, including a car horn honking its horn, the engine of a passing vehicle, a plane taking off, a person speaking in a foreign language, and various others. The flashlight method of testing was developed so that the person could better remember the sound he or she heard. Upon arrival at their destination the tester can have the flashlight turned on and use it to identify the sound.


In order to determine the level of danger for a specific country travelers are also asked to go to that country under the least amount of stress possible. For example, if a traveler is planning to travel to Mexico and fall sick at some point they will need to know when the peak times for travel to Mexico are. If the worst case scenario occurs and the traveler becomes severely ill, they will need to know when and where to be located during the Mexican spring break time. The same concept is used with Canada. For example, if a Canadian traveling to United States falls sick at any point along the way and is unable to travel the required six hours to a Canadian border, the traveler needs to know when and where to be located during the period when travelling is most difficult.


Another important part of the examination is to find out whether a Canadian citizen, a person registered under Canada s or permanent resident has any criminal convictions that occurred within the past five years. The exam also includes questions dealing with the travel history of the person. Questions will include whether the applicant has ever been arrested for a crime in Canada, has outstanding tickets, is facing eviction from a residence, or has any previous convictions for crimes. The applicant can only be allowed into the country if they pass these tests.

All test results and application requirements are subject to the rules and regulations of the Department of Foreign Affairs. They will notify you if their requirements have been met. The medical examination is one requirement necessary before travel to Canada. This is to ensure that your physical condition meets the acceptable health standards of the immigration authorities. If you do not pass the examination your request for entry will be turned down and you will have to look for another visa in order to travel to Canada.


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